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With Projects’ clock-inspired identity for Nonfiction encourages slowing down in our fast-paced world

Nonfiction is a cosmetics company that offers a range of perfumes and body creams, created in collaboration with world-renowned fragrance makers Firmenich, Mane and Symrise, using the finest raw materials. The products are completely natural, containing no trace of any harmful ingredients such as sulphate, paraben and phthalate.

New York-based studio With Projects was appointed to develop the product line in its entirety, from concept to execution, including the naming, branding, creative direction, packaging and digital executions. The visual language they introduced, as an overarching concept, plays with details that address light and transparency. From speckled boxes that reference vintage campfire tools to evocative blurs that reveal content online, these gestures highlight the idea of arriving at one’s own self and emphasising confidence and personality from within.

The wordmark draws inspiration from time, reappropriating the shape of a clock in both a complete circle and half-circle format. On the packaging, two variations of the half-circle wordmark are dynamically combined with a rectangular text block to create a set of distinctive yet harmonious scent labels.

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