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Public-Library capitalise on Playboy’s magazine heritage for their ‘Pleasure For All’ collection

LA-based cross-disciplinary design studio Public-Library have created a beautifully simple and fundamentally refined identity system, as well as packaging and copywriting, for Playboy’s ‘Pleasure for All’ collection, an assortment of CBD products and limited edition apparel, all of which contribute to their proclaimed ‘pleasure revolution.’

Using a bespoke cut of Visuelt that had already been designed for Playboy, Public-Library’s Founder and Creative Director Marshall Rake recalls “that it was a very collaborative and free-flowing project,” whereby they could thrive in the existing established and comprehensive aesthetic whilst pushing an exciting original voice.

Leading with colour as an enormously significant part of the identity, Rake explains “red holds an iconic place within Playboy,” choosing their specific red as “a nod to the iconic Marilyn Monroe image from Playboy.” Used across the printed ephemera with the aim to create a tactile experience reminiscent of flipping through the pages of a magazine, Rake tells us “we knew we wanted a soft velvet finish on the secondary packaging, and on the primary packaging we wanted to print directly on the glass to make sure that we had a lot of contrasts in textures.” 

Working in collaboration with Playboy’s in-house team, Public-Library aimed to reflect “the heritage of Playboy” in both the central imagery of the products as well as the accompanying poems written by Public-Library and their friend, musician and author Claire Evans. “We did write a collection of poems,” Rake recalls, “one poem for each product that reflected the feeling that each one elicits.” 

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