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Quiqup by MultiAdaptor

Branding for the freshest, most flexible player in on-demand delivery.

With well over 100,000 orders fulfilled, and millions of pounds of investment raised just one year into trading, Quiqup is a major force in the rapidly growing on-demand delivery market.

Whether it’s delivering dishes from your favourite restaurant (that doesn’t do takeaway); picking-up and dropping-off a last-minute gift for a special occasion; or running an essential errand you don’t have time to do yourself — Quiqup delivers.

In a market flooded with red brands, we clearly differentiated Quiqup with a super fresh bright green — setting an energetic tone that reflects the fresh-from-the-kitchen and fresh-out-the-box promise of the on-demand delivery experience.

A truly flexible brand was required to reflect a truly flexible service. Unlocking and liberating the ‘loop’ in the Quiqup Q, we developed a framework to consistently communicate this quality, that is indefinitely adaptable but instantly identifiable.

Text: MultiAdaptor

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