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Ragged Edge connect people and data with their identity for publisher platform Permutive

Permutive is a publisher data platform that’s built using innovative edge computing, in which data is processed on the device that generates it rather than a remote cloud-based server. It’s fundamentally faster, as there’s no waiting for your data to travel to the cloud and back; and safer by design, as your personal information never leaves your device. Through data that updates in milliseconds, Permutive’s platform gives its users an in-the-moment view of their audience.

Aiming to avoid the dry and corporate branding associated with most B2B companies, Permutive founders Tim Spratt and Joe Root sought the help of London-based design agency Ragged Edge. The primary aim of the brief was to make their point of difference from the oversaturated cloud market clear and obvious. As a result, Ragged Edge formed an underlying concept around the endless outcomes Permutive makes possible for publishers.

The identity is led by pulsating pink pattern, which pierces through cloud conventions to represent a constant stream of data. TIGHTYPE’s Moderat appears in a multitude of weights throughout applications as Permutive’s sole brand typeface. “It has cursive, soft qualities contrasted with sharp chamfered angles”, which “sit at the intersection of human and machine to make it the perfect choice for a brand that connects people and data”, Ragged Edge’s Luke Woodhouse details.

Permutive’s new symbol combines old and new to represent the transformation the company is leading in data processing. The square stands for the limited possibilities of pre-existing methods while the larger circle symbolises the unlimited scope of edge computing, with the two coming together to form an abstracted ‘P’. The graphic elements are paired with a straight-up tone of voice, which through lines like “Look past the cloud. Live on the edge.” does an admirable job of setting potential customers on their way to understanding Permutive’s offering.

Since launching their new identity, which CEO Joe Root describes as “fucking amazing”, Permutive have seen leads through their website increase by 500%, sales opportunities ascend to a 50% conversion rate, and a new Series B funding of $18.5 million.

Typeface: Moderat by TIGHTYPE

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