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Ragged Edge develops an energetic clash of colourful geometry for work-life platform Bayzat

Bayzat is a free online platform that offers progressive human resource, payroll, insurance and employee benefit tools to companies in the UAE. Their ambition, as told by Co-founder Brian Habibi, is to “fundamentally redefine work-life for businesses and their employees, in the UAE and then globally”. Their app, which is already used by more than 30,000 people, allows straightforward management of everything from expenses and attendance to annual leave and medical appointments.

When it comes to finance and HR, businesses in the UAE are only just beginning to see the potential of digital technology. By offering access to next-level technology, Bayzat is at the forefront of a scene that’s about to explode worldwide. Following a successful round of investment funding, Bayzat approached London-based agency Ragged Edge to help them on their way to becoming the go-to work-life platform.

They decided to position the platform as a ‘machine of possibility’, introducing an identity system that combines technicality and precision with imagination and humanity. Graphic shapes are used to depict each of these traits, combining and clashing together in both solid and outline forms to create challenging yet palatable compositions.

The blocky, geometric logotype aims to be as unconventional and ahead of its time as the organisation it’s designed to represent, while the tone of voice bounces between triumphant braggadocio and day-to-day functionality. In a sea of corporate blue, Bayzat is proudly purple – a bright and purposeful choice for a company that’s changing the way businesses approach employee management.

Typefaces: Plaax by 205TF / Basis Grotesque by Colophon

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