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Ragged Edge rebrands Airsorted as Houst, cementing its place as a leader in the hosting industry

Houst is a professional hosting service that’s managed over 250,000 home-sharing bookings across five continents on Airbnb, Expedia, Rightmove and more. The company was previously known as Airsorted and had begun to establish themselves as a leader in the fledgeling professional hosting industry. In an attempt to cement their place and step out of Airbnb’s shadow, they decided a total rebrand was required and sought help from London-based agency Ragged Edge to make it happen.

The new era of hosting began with the new name. Houst, a combination of house and host, was chosen for its abstract familiarity and because it could be imbued with its very own meaning. The bold colour and logo followed, with letters as full and warm as possible. Graphic shapes, inspired by floorplans, represent spaces for opportunity. All of these elements come together with a tone of voice confident enough to move the whole industry forward.

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