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Rambling Muse by SocioDesign

Rambling Muse is a lifestyle blog providing views of London life, witty commentaries on news and politics, recipes and product features, from writer Clarisse Lehmann. Having lived in New York, Geneva, Tokyo, Madrid and now London, Clarisse’s perspective as an ‘outsider in the city’ provided inspiration for the brand identity – the logo depicts the Little Owl, a non-native species introduced to the UK in the nineteenth century. The owl also represents a keen eye for observation and is culturally seen as wise and informed.

Our re-design of the Rambling Muse brand and website coincided with a revised content and monetisation strategy. The editorial style of the website is complimented by commissioned illustrations from Damien Weighill. Although completed, the launch of the website is currently on hold due to a change in circumstances.

Text: SocioDesign

Capsule by Franklyn

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