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Moscow Mule brands Ob’edinenie, an online platform for Moscow’s emerging creative talent

Ob’edinenie is a Russian media platform and contemporary art shop that was founded in Moscow in 2018. They showcase the city’s upcoming artistic talent through a series of in-depth interviews, photography and short essays, uniting and giving a platform to an emerging community of artists, designers, architects and writers.

Local design studio Moscow Mule was invited to design Ob’edinenie’s visual identity and online presence. To highlight the community’s diversity, they based the website’s structure on the idea of a moodboard. This concept is visualised through the use of a tightly-set modular grid system, designed to maximise the space given to images. It’s used in combination with a set of vivid gradients that represent the indefinable emotional interaction between art and its viewer.

In addition to the ‘moodboard’ homepage, the website has a ‘Journal’ for its editorial content, an online shop for its products, a ‘Collections’ section for Ob’edinenie’s collaborations with local designers, and an ‘Authors’ page for sorting through artwork in a functional format. As well as online, the identity was rolled out onto a collection of merch, ranging from silk scarves to acrylic keychains, all with the core principle of presenting art as a ‘lifestyle’.

Typefaces: Mabry by Colophon Foundry / Wremena by Typefaces of the Temporary State

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