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Moscow Mule’s identity for artist Misha Nikatin is designed to keep up with his prolific workload

Moscow-based visual artist Misha Nikatin focuses on the everyday and seemingly mundane, yet surgically extracts an innate mystery and beauty lying within the former. Becoming renowned for his prolific work schedule, it seemed only fitting that design studio Moscow Mule took this idea of Nikatin’s apparently endless canvas and applied it to his new portfolio website and identity.

Also based in Moscow, Moscow Mule has developed Misha’s new portfolio with the future in mind, designing a landscape scrolling website that has no fixed end to technically keep up with Nikatin’s outpouring of creativity and thematically reflect his abundant practice. 

Designed as something supportive, purely to bolster the artwork rather than detract from it, Moscow Mule’s design lets Nikatin’s work do the talking; with a semi-architectural, delicate aesthetic that keeps things simple. In doing so, the website is allowing room for Nikatin’s art to breath, removing any superfluous design or colours.

The coupling of Moscow Mule’s clarity and restraint with Nikatin’s expression directly translates to their choosing of Suisse Int’l; providing a sophisticated, model backbone to frame Nikatin’s art around. “Misha’s works reinterpret reality with the help of classical painting; therefore, it seemed appropriate to us to use Suisse Int’l,” Moscow Mule explain, elaborating that this “combines a modern approach with traditional (Swiss) typography.”

This combination has also bled into Moscow Mule’s poster designs for Nikatin’s latest exhibition ‘Collectible Art. Merging Art and Design’, which sees the artist pairing up with the iconic furniture manufacturer Vitra. The flexibility of Nikatin’s identity, as a result of its simplicity, allowed the use of vibrant primary colours for the exhibition’s posters, taking them directly from the modernist values Vitra exemplifies.

Typeface: Suisse Int’l by Swiss Typefaces
Creative direction: Marina Kondratenko
Design: Marina Kondratenko / Anna Kabanina / Rita Antonova
Production: Alexander Nekrasov / Alena Kulikova
Web development: Vlad MD Golam

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