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Réplica and Cristóbal Riesco create the identity for independent digital magazine Deriva

Deriva is an independent digital magazine that’s produced by a group of journalists, photographers, documentarians, communicators and teachers in Barcelona. Their aim is to bring alternative journalism to the forefront, defy the status quo and question our social reality while proposing different ways to live. In addition to online content, they offer a programme of affordable face-to-face courses on topics such as cultural criticism and migration, taught by industry professionals on a flexible schedule.

Barcelona and Bogotá-based studio Réplica and designer Cristóbal Riesco were employed to help Deriva develop from a fledgeling idea into a blossoming digital platform. The process started with the name – ‘deriva’ translates from Spanish to English to mean ‘drift’ – a term that succinctly captures the magazine’s alternative perspective on journalism.

The graphic treatment aims to be appealing to new readers while being disruptive enough to communicate Deriva’s non-traditional values. Daria Petrova’s sharp serif Zangezi was selected for its experimental appearance and provides a considerable contrast to Kern, a neutral sans serif designed by Pizza Typefaces’ Adrien Midzic. As the centrepiece of Deriva’s editorial output, their website is designed to be both simple and diverse. It champions the content with large headlines, bold colours, clear hierarchy and crisp photography, making for an accessible editorial experience.

Web development: Feijoo-Montenegro
Typefaces: Zangezi by Daria Petrova / Kern by Pizza Typefaces

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