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Rice Creatives identity for Rooster strips the Vietnamese ‘anti-craft beer’ of American stereotypes

With the unofficial title of the ‘anti-craft beer, craft beer’, Rooster Beers have taken it on themselves to strip away the pretension and niche of existing craft beer brands with a fresh approachable identity that celebrates the classic beer brands of yesteryear.

Ho Chi Minh City-based design studio Rice Creative was approached by the Vietnamese craft beer company, formally ‘Phat Rooster Ales’, with the intention to make a craft beer appropriate to the Vietnamese market rather than the current aesthetic convention brought over by American craft beer. This focus on locality and community came at a time where craft-beer has begun to thrive in Vietnam, competing only with large conglomerate brands whilst others battled against expat-friendly artisanal imports. Rice Creative’s identity references these larger brands, with recognisably classic styling, but is far from unexciting; with striking colours and great attention to typographic detail.

With Rooster Beers creating its own place in the market as a more accessible craft beer, the accompanying identity maintains this friendly, approachable aesthetic and candid copywriting. With a keen wit, the brand voice that Rice Creative has given to Rooster Beers is charming and content. 

With the high number of brand deliverables, from their beers and packaging to stickers and merchandise, the highly comprehensive brand keeps its voice whatever the ephemera without being overwhelming or exhausting. Rice Creative even utilised their delivery service as a form of guerilla advertising, designing incredibly striking and joyous boilers suits and delivery bikes.

Typefaces: Eurostile by Aldo Novarese / Noto Serif by Google
Illustration: Ruby Châu
Merchandise production: Anna Dinh
Product photography: Wing Chan
Street photography: Lý Xuân Lợi

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