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Digital consultancy Runroom’s rebrand by Folch transmits a more creative and human tone

Digital consultancy Runroom has been rebranded by Barcelona-based studio Folch to transmit a more creative and human tone. The company has grown to become a leading voice in the fields of digital marketing, experience media and analytics, leaving their previous identity at odds with their vision.

Folch introduced Roobert as Runroom’s typeface due to its geometry and legibility, allowing it to fluidly work for both the logotype and supporting text. The letterforms have a slight digital vibe due to their unusual terminals, but not enough to overpower the rounded and humanistic nature of the typeface.

In addition to the understated typography, a series of spray-like gradients provide the identity with creative confidence. By combining 1 warm and 1 cold colour for each gradient, the palette captures both digital and human characteristics.

Typeface: Roobert by Displaay Type Foundry

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