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Saul Studio’s identity for pasta restaurant SARTO is inspired by the bronze die used to make fusilli

SARTO is a bar and restaurant in the English city of Leeds, serving fresh, handmade pasta dishes and an extensive menu of drinks and snacks. It was founded by the people behind Laynes Espresso and The Brunswick, two of the city’s most popular independent spots. The restaurant is a large, inviting space with floor-to-ceiling windows and an open kitchen that lets you see the chefs at work.

Saul Studio produced SARTO’s visual identity, which includes a host of digital, spatial and printed applications. The identity started with the S letterform, which alludes to the shape of the bronze die (traditional pasta-making tool) used to make fusilli. The Italian word ‘sarto’ translates as tailor – the building in which the restaurant resides was once home to one. That history, combined with the original word for fusilli, ‘fuso’ (meaning spindle), informed the wordmark as a whole, which suggests rotation through its back slanted characters.

Photography: Justin Slee

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