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Scandinavian Design Group brands Norway’s largest food festival with a custom variable typeface

Matstreif is Norway’s largest food festival, taking place every year in Oslo since 2005. Restaurants, farmers and brands, large, medium and small, come from all over the country to showcase their goods to over 230,000 people. However, despite its overall popularity, visitor numbers have been declining over the last few years due to the emergence of small, niche food festivals around the country.

The people behind Matstreif employed Scandinavian Design Group to design a more contemporary visual identity for the 2019 festival, with the hope of giving it a new lease of life. SDG’s solution is packed with taste, humour and energy, taking inspiration from the vibrant and busy aesthetic approach of music festivals. The farmers, their origins and food became rock stars for the weekend.

At the heart of the new identity is Smaks Sans, a custom variable typeface that’s used expressively to make every application, from signage to tote bags, feel fresh and enticing. The typeface is combined with an organic illustration style, energetic colours, a tasteful, witty tone of voice and documentary-inspired image style.

Typeface: Smaks Sans by Scandinavian Design Group

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