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Seilenna by RoAndCo

Seilenna is an emerging swimwear brand created by Annelies De Rouck and committed to striking the perfect balance between luxurious style and function that complements the natural curves of the body. Inspired by the horizons of sky, sea, and shore, our designs sport cut-off typography to emphasize the recurrent symbol of the setting sun. We paired the setting sun symbol with a strong, bold logo that provides an anchor for our visual system. From notecards to hangtags, electric orange edging on all printed collateral contributes to the warmth of the overall system. The coupling of a die-cut Selienna logo atop a branded hangtag evokes the feeling of the sun moving across the clouds, and is a seductive peek-a-boo akin to the wearer’s relationship with the swimwear.

Text: RoAndCo

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