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Several by Commission

Several brings together a menswear label, design consultancy and e-commerce store under one roof. With its roots firmly embedded in British sub-cultures, Several aims to serve an informed man with an understated clothing line that focuses on modernity, craftsmanship, and quiet luxury. Our task was to create a language that reflected these values.

The brand is represented by the symbol of the semicolon to convey the idea of ‘several’: distinct items that are part of a collective. It reflects continuation, a link for something to follow or connect. The semicolon also forms the basis of the Several logo mark — the Several Sun — a mark designed to be subtlety reproduced in unexpected places.

Stark, but restrained, the graphic vocabulary of the brand is quiet with a strong focus on material and technique. Business cards are exquisitely finished with black foil into paper made from 100% cotton. Garment tickets are hand dipped in black ink making each tag unique. Brand communication is kept straight forward with expression and abstraction coming through image making.

The E-commerce packaging uses adaptable materials to brand carefully source off-the-shelf components, creating a holistic and versatile packaging system for Several.

From naming to expressing the identity across a wide range of materials, Commission worked closely with the Several team across all aspects of the brand’s output to collectively create a brand that represents all our tastes, interests, and design ethos. A brand we all believe in.

Text: Commission

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