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SKINN provide a blank canvas for expression and experimentation with canned water brand SAVEME

In an age of unrest and unaccountability, Bruges and Antwerp-based branding studio SKINN’s concept water company SAVEME provides a micro platform for people to express their opinions. Through user-generated customisable labels that can be created on the brand’s website, the visual possibilities for SAVEME’s cans are endless. Providing a greater sense of community, the designs can then be shared and voted on, with the leading creations to be released as limited-edition cans. 

“For now, 96 designs are available,” SKINN tells us, launching with their own label designs, crafted in line with the punchy, variable and unapologetic identity they developed for the brand. Crafted with the younger generation in mind, SAVEME’s identity is energetic, experimental and fundamentally personal, resulting in a variable platform that doesn’t dictate or breach – an attitude mirrored by SKINN’s use of Sequel Sans as the single typeface. 

“The idea behind the brand is that the message should be more important than the brand itself,” SKINN conclude, capitalising on the juxtapositions innate to Sequel Sans – whereby the architectural neutrality of the typeface is fighting a balance with the audacious attitude and brazen power it exudes.

Typeface: Sequel Sans by OGJ Type Design

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