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Slanted’s Yearbook of Type 2019/20 showcases 158 typefaces from 176 designers and 98 foundries

Slanted’s Yearbook of Type 2019/20 is a 400-page book compiling the year’s most interesting typography trends and innovations. It showcases 158 typefaces through in-depth descriptions, sketches and technical information. The work of 176 designers and 98 foundries from 36 countries is on show, including the likes of 205TF and The Designers Foundry.

Each typeface is presented consistently across a double-page spread. The left-hand page shows the typeface in a playful, poster-like arrangement, whilst the right contains the practical details about the design and its designer. The book also features an extensive index, which functionally displays the typefaces according to classification, designer, publisher, and OpenType features. Buyers of the book can access trial versions of each typeface through the Yearbook’s website (

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Pages: 400
Size: 160mm x 240mm


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