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Snask is a creative agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We recently caught up with their Founder and Creative Director, Fredrik Öst.

Who are Snask and what does it mean?

Snask is a Swedish creative agency who strives to do things differently. The name is Swedish for candy, filth and gossip. Yes, all in one word. Pretty amazing huh?

What’s it like being a design studio in Stockholm?

A bit boring actually. Everyone here is very minimalistic and basic. Wished there were less uptight studios in Stockholm.

“The name is Swedish for candy, filth and gossip. Yes, all in one word. Pretty amazing huh?”

How did Shower Beer come into existence?

We always wanted to do a beer somehow and when we started working with Pangpang Brewery we thought it would be amazing to honour the phenomenon of Shower Beer and create a beer especially made for it. And that’s how it came to be really!

Can a project ever be too unconventional?

Not really. Since it’s all in relation to the convential, which is boring.

What inspired Sentrum — the custom typeface for Kaibosh?

Thick and clumsy type normally used in eye wear tests.

What is an unexpected thing you cannot live without in the studio?

We drink a lot, and I mean a lot lot, of the Turkish yoghurt drink Ayran. It’s basically yoghurt, salt and water. It’s very tasty and is amazing to cure hangovers with.

“Well we always love to work with our hands and with real materials.”

Where did the idea come from to actually make the Froda logotype as a 3D object?

Well we always love to work with our hands and with real materials. To take design out into the real world. And the financial industry is very stiff and boring and digital so that’s why we thought it would work great.

Can you tell us about Intern Journal Issue 01?

So our current intern Fabrizio Morra and our last intern who’s currently freelancing, Matej Spanik, decided to make a journal on how it is to be an intern at Snask. It’s very funny actually and we look forward to Issue 02. We hope this becomes tradition.

What do you enjoy about talking at conferences around the world? Is there a key message you always try and communicate?

Haha well it’s an amazing way to travel for sure. You meet a lot of local creatives who can show you around and of course it’s really fun to do talks. Yeah, we always want people to have opinions and stand up for them. Making enemies and gaining fans, because that’s what you’re doing when you stand up for your own beliefs.

What qualities does someone need to work at Snask?

Depends entirely on the role haha. Designer wise it’s typography and design skills of course. But overall I think it’s the ambition and quality that matters most!

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers by StudioSmall

Magneting by Lukas Vanco