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03_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_exhibition_Photo_Sara_Urbanski 01_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_identity_textcover 05_Rajaton_case_DD-NG_text 08_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_exhibition_Photo_Sara_Urbanski 04_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_identity_brochure_layout 12_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_identity_brochure 14_Rajaton_case_posters_close-up 13_Rajaton_case_poster_thumbnail 07_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_exhibition_Rakasta_Robert 06_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_exhibition_iPad_gif_thumbnail 15_Marina_Veziko_Rajaton_exhibition_IG

Spiky type and delicate drawings lead Marina Veziko’s identity for a Helsinki Design Week exhibition 

Rajaton translates from Finnish to mean unlimited, or boundless; a term that acts as the main inspiration for artist group Rajaton Collective. Their exhibition at the 2019 Helsinki Design Week examined the responsible use of materials and questioned what is normal in sculpture, ceramics, video art, installations and furniture design.

In order to give the exhibition a visual identity and consistent art direction, they worked with local designer Marina Veziko. She introduced an aesthetic of spiky, abstract typography, dissolving, delicate illustrations and dreamy, ambient designer portraits that reflect the notion of boundlessness, just like the exhibition itself.

Photography: Sara Urbanski
Illustration: Rakastaja Robert
Typefaces: Scto Grotesk by Schick Toikka / Sword by Kazuhiro Aihara

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