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Spotify’s in-house design team gives the New Music Friday playlist a “bold, fresh and vibrant” rebrand

Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist offers a curated selection of highly-anticipated new tracks, updated every week. It originally debuted in 2014 as New Music Tuesday, before switching to Friday in 2015 in-line with the global music industry’s new music release schedule. The playlist is now a household name with over 8 million followers and 43 variations worldwide.

Spotify’s in-house design team has rebranded New Music Friday for 2020 to reflect its global status better, basing the visual identity on the concept of ‘the arrival of something new’. They decided it needed to look “bold, fresh and vibrant”, and as a result, chose to customise Spotify Circular Black to be even chunkier. Its Italic style and a ‘tail’ attached to the ‘F’ graphically communicate the fast, continually updating nature of the playlist, especially when used in motion.

By applying no treatment to photos, the artists own styles and emotions shine through. A palette of 15 colours, derived from Spotify’s master brand, offers a wide selection for playlist editors to choose from to complement the many different artist images styles provided to them.

The promotion for New Music Friday happens across all channels, so the team created a considered and functional layout system for everything from billboard advertising and social media posts to on the Spotify platform itself. The launch campaign appeared around New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto and featured artists such as Playboi Carti, Lil Peep and Megan Thee Stallion.

Executive Creative Director: Alexander Bodman
Creative Director: Cameron Farrelly
Head of Brand Design: Rasmus Wängelin
Brand Design Director: Erik Herrström
Senior Art Director: Angeline Toh
Art Director: Josephine Tansara
Senior Designer: William Oswin
Brand Manager: Aaron Melaragno, Lauren Solomon
Copywriter: Chris Monk
Strategy: Nathan Doiev
Producer: Gabby Kreutter
Extended team: Sarah Patellos, Marian Dicus, Amanda Butler, Linnea Hemenez, Blaike Ford, Ashley Graver, Douglas Richard, Karolina Rennemark, Petter Eliasson, Shahin Haghjou and more

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