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Stoëmp’s identity for MAD reinforces its position as the home of fashion and design in Brussels

MAD is a Brussels-based fashion platform that supports the creative development of local designers and stylists. Since its foundation in 2010, it has acted as a hub for upcoming talent and provided a space for public activities through its exhibition and events programme. In April 2017, MAD moved to a new multi-purpose building in the heart of Brussels’ Dansaert area, presenting the opportunity for a complete rework of its visual identity. Local branding practice Stoëmp had been working with the institution on its design output since its inception, so naturally, and logically, the rebrand fell into their hands.

Stoëmp commissioned PR agency Club Paradis to write a series of striking and direct taglines that capture MAD’s ambition to ‘turn the building into a home for all Brussels-based fashion and design professionals’. The resulting to-the-point phrases such as ‘create, we’ll do the rest’ and ‘this place is your place’ help to personify MAD as a warm and welcoming local character. The phrases are strategically placed on various interior and exterior locations around the building in an attempt to start conversations and reinforce a feeling of familiarity.

The tone of voice goes hand-in-hand with the new visual identity, which revolves around a bespoke typeface, bold combinations of block colours and strong text overlays. Particular attention was placed on digital platforms and communication as opposed to print, keeping in line with the institution’s forward-thinking values and ecological outlook. The new identity system gives MAD a voice that not only suits the platforms current multi-faceted activities but also accommodates its future evolution.

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