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Stories by Passport

Stories is a new, independent café in Oakwood, near Leeds which boasts artisan coffee, cold-pressed juice and a locally sourced menu all served in a beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired space. The ethos behind Stories is born out of their belief that everyone has a story to tell and theirs is centred around the close connections they have with their meticulously curated suppliers.

Stories came to us requiring a suitable brand identity through which it could express the commitment to its specialist suppliers while also reflecting the Nordic influences on its products and interior styling. We started by designing a contemporary logotype with customised characters that double as simplified representations of people; the staff, customers and suppliers who create the stories. The dots in these characters also create a link to the identifiable style of Scandinavian typography. The identity also includes feature typography that uses delicate lines to join selected dots – which indicate, for example, the journey of ingredients from original source to café.

We wanted to ensure the notion of ‘everything has a story to tell’ continued to filter through into the print collateral. This was achieved by researching unconventional paper stocks that each have a unique backstory as they are produced from by-products of citrus fruits, grapes, leather and brewers’ grain. These substrates then naturally informed a colour palette of cool, pastel tones which were applied interchangeably across the stationery, menus and promotional collateral.

Text: Passport

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