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Streat Helsinki by Kokoro & Moi

Streat Helsinki is all about street food – exploring not only what street food is but also what street food should and could be. It’s a concept with a mission of praising and pioneering the countless opportunities and potential of street food in Helsinki and beyond, with a global reach through various partners and stakeholders.

Streat Helsinki kicked off with a threefold set of events in March 2014, aptly named TALKS, EATS, and PARTIES. Plenty of talk, lots of action, and some celebratory partying. TALKS was organized in conjunction with the Gastro Helsinki fair, whilst EATS and PARTIES took over the flourishing culture districts and street food hubs of the Tori Quarters and the Abattoir.

Streat Helsinki EATS, as the main feast of the festival, attracted over 20,000 hungry food lovers who visited Tori Quarters during the day. With about 40 food trucks and restaurants from all over Scandinavia and elsewhere serving their best dishes, the festival was a success.

Kokoro & Moi developed the festival identity, which extended across the printed material, marketing, and festival area itself at Tori Quarters. The identity was cooked up to incorporate authenticity and an experimental spirit with ingredients that included bold color choices, busy layouts, the custom-made Streat Helsinki typeface, a DIY attitude, a 90s vibe, rough materials, and illustrations of some famous hungry mouths to feed. Served to spice up winter days and increase the appetite for fun.

Text: Kokoro & Moi

Studio SP-GD

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