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Studio Bergini’s type-led identity for LCBA references the bookbinding studio’s historic location

Located in what was once the heart of London’s print industry, London Centre for Book Arts, or LCBA, is an artist-run studio that offers education programmes and affordable access to resources for artists and designers. It was established by artist duo Simon Goode and Ira Yonemura in October 2012 to promote book arts and artist-led publishing through collaboration, learning and distribution, and also offers open access to printing, binding and publishing facilities regardless of background or experience.

Working with London-based graphic design practice Studio Bergini, LCBA’s visual identity has been refreshed to emphasise, complement and better reflect their inclusive and supportive ethos; centring around a pair of reimagined vintage typefaces from Commercial Type’s Commercial Classics range – Original Sans and Caslon Ionic. The connection lies in LCBA’s close proximity to the former location of the Caslon foundry in Hackney Wick, as well as the fact the printing and bookbinding studio is full of typographic equipment from the same era.

The chunky Original Sans Four provides the basis for LCBA’s wordmark and Studio Bergini haven’t shied away in its application – using it full width and oversized at every opportunity. The equally confident but more bookish serif Caslon Ionic is an effortlessly elegant and contrasting colleague, appearing for headlines, body text and supporting details alike. Together, the typefaces strike a partnership that’s as bold as it is understated; and most importantly, pays tribute to traditional printing processes such as letterpress, foil blocking and risograph.

Studio Bergini’s type-heavy direction is brought to life through their vibrant selection of colour, which was inspired by the multicultural, LGBTQ+ friendly, alternative environment found in and around LCBA. The colours are emphasised through an explorative approach to the identity’s physical makeup – with every flyer, bookmark, leaflet, membership card and beyond taking full advantage of the printing processes that LCBA’s workshop has to offer.

Typefaces: Original Sans by Commercial Classics / Caslon Ionic by Commercial Classics
Paper: Colorset by Fenner Paper

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