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Studio Blackburn’s punchy identity for TrendBible follows the ever-changing landscape of trends

Global agency TrendBible is a future trends forecaster that identifies the mindset, principles and likely patterns of a brand’s audience, seeking to help shape their output, marketing and direction. Leading the discipline for over a decade, TrendBible turned to London-based design agency Studio Blackburn to craft a new visual identity and strategic positioning to help reinforce their place in the industry for years to come. 

The resulting identity is striking, sturdy and studious, exuding a graphic confidence that dutifully walks the fine line between trendy and timeless. Fundamentally future-focused, in line with TrendBible’s services, the system designed and implemented by Studio Blackburn is crafted to change, featuring an adaptable typographic structure and a defining arrow logo – a graphic device representative of the ever-changing trend landscape.

Responding to the practical limitations of the brand, the chosen primary typeface is Rasmus Andersson’s Inter, a choice that, as Studio Blackburn’s Design Director Mark Jones tells us, came from the client’s request for the typeface to be widely used across multiple machines – as well as working across print and digital. “We knew the style of typeface that we were going for and looked at a wide range of different options,” Jones explains, “Inter felt right,” he adds, “we loved its high x-height and the round tittle on the ‘i’ was the icing on the cake.”

The identity also gives precedence to imagery, taking tones from the photography to inform the hues used, with no fixed colour palette in place. “TrendBible work with colour palettes on a day-to-day basis,” Jones explains, “therefore, we wanted to give them the ability to utilise their keen eyes within their brand,” he adds, putting in place a set of guidelines so that the palette is never completely uncontrollable. “Typography and logos remain black or white depending on the contrast needed,” Jones notes, leaving the seasonal choice in colour to be picked by the client, concluding, “this enables them to creatively drive the look and feel of their identity.”

Typeface: Inter by Rasmus Andersson

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