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Studio Daniel Siim creates a “simple yet distinctive” identity for Danish construction company Holtz

Holtz is a construction and civil engineering company in Copenhagen that provides “detail-orientated, world-class solutions characterised by a deep understanding of specific customer requirements”.

In creating their identity and website, local graphic design practice Studio Daniel Siim focused on a “simple yet distinctive visual language” in order to concisely convey their position as a “reliable and transparent business”. Holtz provides “a clear-cut business perspective, so you always know who you are dealing with and what’s on the agenda”, and their new identity follows suit. The simplistic typographic approach is intentionally bereft of any excess clutter, which Siim reveals makes it “surprisingly distinctive when compared to the general graphic design found in the Danish construction industry”.

The typeface used throughout, TIGHTYPE’s Plaid, was chosen for being the definition of the “simple yet distinctive” aesthetic. Neither too much of one or the other, it has several quirky details that push it beyond your everyday functional sans to capture a modest yet imposing feel. Siim explains that “Plaid felt like the right choice from the get-go. It was the thing I kept going back to once I started trying out different alternatives”.

Another fundamental part of the identity system is the dot pattern, which appears on a selection of document covers. “In the initial meetings with Holtz owner Peter, I started noticing how he was sketching all the time on everything he could find. Post-it notes, tablecloths, torn newspapers”, Siim shares. As a result of that observation, he included the dotted pattern as a “designated place for sketching and drawing”, playfully concluding that “hopefully Peter’s coworkers can start reading the news again without missing pieces of paper”.

Typeface: Plaid by TIGHTYPE

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