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Studio FAX’s minimalistic record sleeve for GREYHEADS draws on the aesthetic of a generic parcel

GREYHEADS are a six-piece band that produce a careful blend of jazz and hip-hop to mirror the daily life of their home city of Rotterdam. Their sound is reminiscent of legends such as Miles Davis, J Dilla, Herbie Hancock and Robert Glasper, with an added groovy and vibrant twist.

HOMES, their debut LP, is described as “a journey through space and time, travelling in opposite but joined paths that lead to the places we call home”. The concept of the 10-track record is to show the listener that any time and place can represent home through a landscape of different atmospheres, sounds, images and sensations.

In producing the album’s artwork, London-based design practice Studio FAX “wanted to create something more than a record sleeve that could be elevated to a more physical experience”. Following the concept defined by the music, they decided not to give any visual representation to the idea of home. Instead, they “drew from the aesthetic of a generic parcel, an impersonal device used to transmit messages from one place to another, and made it precious and intriguing for people to engage with”. Through this approach, the listener is free from any imposed influences and can recall their unique conception of home.

The beautifully-minimal cover revolves around the title, ‘HOMES’, set clearly and elegantly in Helvetica. In contrast, the supporting typography is more directly infused with personality through the selection of Dinamo’s Simon Mono Light. FAX chose it as they “need something with an industrial yet refined feel, just like the contrast of the record sleeve’s materials and finishes”.

Typefaces: Helvetica by Max Miedinger / Simon Mono by Dinamo

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