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Studio Lowrie’s identity for online bookstore Lookbooks is full of cheeky expressions

Lookbooks is an online bookstore that sells ‘old and kinda fun books’. Their identity, by London-based Studio Lowrie, is initially delivered on a series of bookmarks, custom rolls of tape and tote bags, with a website to follow soon.

The playful identity doesn’t take itself too seriously. A series of eyeball illustrations derived from the double ‘o’s of Lookbooks take centre stage and appear in at least 5 different variations. The playfulness is exemplified by the bookmarks, which feature a clever notch that creates an additional facial feature when attached to a page, adding even more character. The sans serif typography exists in a straightforward uppercase lockup that is understated in order to place all of the focus on the cheeky expressions.

Eike König, Patrick...

Sharp typography leads...