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Studio Monozygote designs poetry publication Wonders to “look as appealing as an art book”

Every week, Montreal-based author Karim posts a new poem to his social media accounts alongside a thematic illustration contributed by an artist or, occasionally, himself. Despite working full-time in the restaurant business, writing poems only as a hobby, he’s established a broad audience that follows him week-on-week for his unique and romantic ways with words.

Wonders is the first printed collection of Karim’s prose, with 75 original texts and 69 images featured across its 180 pages. An essential part of the brief was to make the book suitable for reading on the metro, in cafés and other mobile activities. With that in mind while handling the design, layout and production, fellow Montreal residents Studio Monozygote set out to “make the pocketbook look as appealing as an art book”.

As a result, the cover aims to grab attention through an oversized, unorthodox typographic arrangement and a striking blue and white colour combination. Through its balance of negative space and serif typography, it’s reminiscent of both a high-end art book and a classic novel.

Studio Monozygote reveals they chose Adobe’s Minion Pro for the serif as “it fits well with the vernacular universe of poetry” and due to its large character family, allowed them “to make variations and typographic plays”. They found the typeface to be extremely elegant after some initial analysis, despite it often being associated with being particularly ‘default’. The supporting typography is set in classic US grotesque Franklin Gothic to give the layouts “a more varied and less monotonous” feel.

Typefaces: Minion Pro by Robert Slimbach / Franklin Gothic by American Type Founders Collection


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