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Studio Spass’ identity for West Side Stories captures the postmodern aesthetic of a renewed Dutch district

Wide Side Stories is an architecture festival celebrating the 1970-1990 urban renewal of the Oude Westen district in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Its colourful, modular identity system was designed by local agency Studio Spass, with their inspiration coming from the Trespa plating that covered the façades of the district’s buildings. Their work also included the design of an exhibition and print publication.

The exhibition showcases the posters, local papers, cartoons and pamphlets from the Oude Westen Action Group, who protested against the changes. Audio material tells stories of the architects that worked on the project including ArchitectuurMaken, Bart Isings, Charlie Koolhaas and Studio Verterthat. Film footage shows what the neighbourhood looked like in the past, interior photos introduce current residents and maps reveal how the architects created more space in the neighbourhood and experimented with different forms of housing.

The book, published by nai010, chronicles developments in five urban renewal districts, examining their significance for today’s Rotterdam.

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