The Brand Identity

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Tittles go wandering in HOLT’s subtle identity for Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

As Australia’s largest choral organisation, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs have been a vibrant part of the country’s musical culture for almost 100 years and will be celebrating their centenary in 2020.

Design practice HOLT was commissioned to rebrand the organisation and decided to create an identity that focuses on the company’s human nature. Inspired by the iconic ‘Families’ identity designed by Herb Lubalin in 1980, HOLT created 3 abstracted choir members by modifying the tittles of the ‘i’s from square to circular and assigning a voice: bass, soprano and tenor, to each. The subtlety of this typographic approach allows the wordmark to act as a small but important piece in a flexible identity system that incorporates landscapes and colour treatments to create a different mood for each performance.

Typography: Neue Helvetica World 75 Bold and 55 Roman
Photography: Michael Corridore and Chris Gillespie
Paper: G . F Smith Colorplan Ebony 270gsm + 135gsm, G . F Smith Colorplan Frost White 135gsm, Impact Smooth Bright White 135gsm and Sovereign Offset Bright White 400gsm

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