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Ten Years of Margaret Howell and Eric Gill by StudioSmall

StudioSmall has produced a limited edition publication ‘Ten Years of Margaret Howell and Eric Gill’ to mark over a decade of collaboration with the designer, Margaret Howell.

Featuring the studio’s own selection of show invitations from the last 10 years, the chosen designs illustrate how the visual identity has evolved from its original set of core identity elements consisting of a grey and white colour palette, Gill Sans typeface, and the Margaret Howell logotype in Gill Sans capitals. When it comes to the biannual seasonal campaigns and collections, StudioSmall is granted more freedom from the limitations of the core identity, by taking inspiration from each specific season. Each show invitation is always heavily influenced by one or two key design details from the individual collection, abstracting perhaps a colour, texture, pattern or another element and, in addition playing freely with the sculptural qualities of the Gill Sans letterforms when appropriate.

Over the years StudioSmall has helped to communicate Margaret’s modernist design philosophy of beautiful products made simply and properly, across all the brand’s printed and digital media.

The publication contains an essay by Eye Magazine editor John Walters, placing StudioSmall’s work for Margaret Howell into a wider context, of how to both reinforce and develop a brand’s identity, whilst maintaining relevance and consistency in its delivery.

Text: StudioSmall


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