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3_The_British_Academy_Billboard_3-2 0_The-British-Academy_Logo_3-2 2_The-British-Academy_Strategic-Plan_3-2 4_The-British-Academy_3-Posters_3-2 5_The-British-Academy_10-Posters_3-2 5_The-British-Academy_Banners_3-2 6_The-British-Academy_What's-On-Guide_3-2 7_The-British-Academy_Tote-Bag_3-2 10_The-British-Academy_Book-Spines_3-2_V3 11_The-British-Academy_Review_3-2 12_The-British-Academy_Review-Spreads_3-2 16_The-British-Academy_3-Phones_3-2

The British Academy by Only

The British Academy is the UK’s leading authority on the humanities and social sciences. Their fellowship of over 1000 leading experts inspire, support and promote the most outstanding research and researchers.

Manchester based agency Only helped the Academy to define a new visual and strategic direction to help it reach new audiences. The cropped letters of the new monogram are a reference to the Academy’s commitment to ensuring progress through discovery. Bold typography leads the identity, in combination with a vibrant and sophisticated colour palette.

Typefaces: Tiempos Headline and Founders Grotesk X-Condensed by Klim Type

Museum für Moderne Kunst by Zak Group

Condition by Commission