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The Canteen by Maud

Barangaroo is a world-class urban renewal pro­ject on Sydney Har­bour. It is cur­rently enga­ging some of the world’s top archi­tects to regen­er­ate 22 hec­tares of shoreline, includ­ing three commercial and residential towers.

The Canteen sits at the heart of Barangaroo, seam­lessly con­nec­ted to all three towers, with an estim­ated daily pop­u­la­tion of 23,000 work­ers. As the primary food and drink offer­ing within Inter­na­tional Towers Sydney, Maud was asked to develop a strategy, brand iden­tity and leas­ing pack for The Canteen.

Based on the ethos that ‘good food leads to good com­munity’, we designed an iden­tity that inspires real food, com­munal cul­ture and a col­lect­ive spirit. Open and straight­for­ward edit­or­ial and warm vibrant col­ours speak to a place of con­nec­tion and turn the notion of a typ­ical food court on it head, while a premium cloth-bound book emphas­ises the mater­i­al­ity and qual­ity of the project.

Text: Maud

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