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TRiC tread the line between liveliness and sincerity in their identity for OLAVER Architecture

Having previously worked together on multiple projects including Primo, Pan After and Lagoon Dining, Melbourne-based design studio TRiC have turned their efforts to the identity of OLAVER – a contemporary architecture studio founded by Emlyn Olaver – crafting a beautiful identity that is equal parts simple and playful. 

In a total overhaul of the identity, the result is a model of typographic know-how; tackling the project with structure, rigour and play, feeling tonally architectural in the process. Keeping local with the type choice as well, OLAVER’s identity highlights two typefaces from Melbourne-based typographic practice Matter of Sorts, utilising Field Grotesk for the wordmark and feature typeface, alongside Quadrant Mono to support. 

“Fundamentally we were looking for a heavy typeface that worked specifically for the OLAVER wordmark,” Creative Director of TRiC Tristan Ceddia tells us, “but could also extend beautifully into heavy typeset copy without compromising on character and nuance within the brand.” Crucially counter-balancing this through the detailed minutiae of Quadrant, Ceddia explains the evolution of its use throughout the design process, explaining “originally it was reserved for only the archive section of the OLAVER website,” however soon finding the exactness and contrast to Field too compelling to leave at the wayside. 

Truly representing the aesthetic, charm and credibility of OLAVER, the identity exudes a restraint alongside the characterful typefaces, something similarly executed in the prominently monochromatic colour palette. “Colour at this stage has a purely functional role within the brand,” Ceddia explains, with red used in the archive and blue on the on-site signs due to its vibrancy. “These were defined in the initial set up of the brand system,” he concludes, “with a view to introducing a more reactive open-ended approach to colour when the opportunity arrives.”

Typefaces: Field Grotesk by Matter of Sorts / Quadrant Mono by Matter of Sorts
Photography: Josh Robenstone

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