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Twice Fashion by SocioDesign

Twice is a Chinese fashion accessories brand formed by Tina Tian and Dr Mirko Wormuth in Beijing, 2007. Since the brand’s inception, Twice have grown to become one of China’s top accessories brands, establishing 16 stores in Beijing, Tianjing and Chongqing and have helped shape China’s emerging ‘fast’ fashion industry.

We were commissioned by Twice to rebrand their identity with the aim of building on their success in mainland China whilst simultaneously preparing for a move into international markets. Our comprehensive rebrand involved reworking existing visual language elements to take into consideration their new global target audience.

We designed a visual identity that communicated their positioning of ‘special moments’ and ‘feminine confidence’ through an elegant new marque. This ‘wishbone’ formed the basis of the new scheme and was designed to act as shorthand for the brand. This was combined with a colour palette of pastel and grey tones to complete a simple, elegant identity.

Text: SocioDesign

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