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Two Degrees Creative displays 200 recycling symbols at online exhibition space

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gary Anderson’s recycling symbol, collaborative platform Two Degrees Creative asked designers to submit their own artistic interpretations of the now world-renowned piece of iconography. Simply titled Recycle(d), the Instagram-based campaign received over 200 submissions since beginning in March 2019, by everyone from international agencies in New York to students in Beijing. 

Ryan McGill, Founder of Two Degrees Creative, says that “recycling has always been about turning a material back into itself, but a newer, different version: one that’s better for the planet, and more effective for the world. Recycle(d) challenged creatives to apply that same thinking to the famous recycle Symbol”.

As a culmination of the year-long submission period, Recycle(d) has launched an interactive, online presentation at the virtual exhibition space Developed by interdisciplinary designer Patrik Hubner, the gallery was founded as a “white sheet for creative people and professionals to explore newfound perspectives during lockdown”. McGill states that the exhibition “has enabled a gathering of global creatives for a single cause and an opportunity to not only reflect on the last 50 years but look forward to the next”.

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