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united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_001 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_002 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_003 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_004 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_005 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_006 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_007 united_notions_collaborative_exhibition_design_art_poster_yuta_takahashi_minimal_minimalism_008

United Notions Artwork by Yuta Takahashi and Studio Mut

The United Notions Collaborative Exhibition was held at New Space in Moscow in 2017. It consisted of artworks created by 20 design studios from around the world, based around the theme of design practice in different cultures.

Japanese studio Yuta Takahashi teamed up with Studio Mut, from Italy, to produce two visually linked posters based around a word each of their choice.

Yuta Takahashi chose ‘Mt. Fuji’ as their word to represent Japan. Their artwork (left) uses white space to portray the shape of Mt. Fuji, while being representative of the Japanese spirit and design philosophy.

Studio Mut chose the Italian word ‘Menefreghismo’, which translates to ‘indifference’. Their design (right) portrays closure to the outside world and a lack of respect for rules and morality.


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