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Universal Favourite enlists illustrator Mark Long to help combat men’s mental health stigmas

Taking on the stigmas surrounding men’s mental health, online health clinic Mosh is here to provide the information and support for men that was until recently few and far between. With online appointment services concerning mental health, sexual health, skincare and hair loss, to name a few, the Bondi-based company has become one of the leading figures in its field. 

The entire structure of the brand is formed on the foundations of building trust and safety with their clientele, becoming redundant without it, leading to an aesthetic influence from editorial design and publications, following research that indicates men find the authority and confidence of these editorials comforting. With this on board, and the further influence of Mosh’s own reputation as industry leaders, Sydney-based design agency Universal Favourite were approached to set this into motion. 

In creating an identity that is comfortable and approachable enough to combat the stigma of men’s silence on the subject, as well as being authoritative enough to be taken as serious rather than twee, Universal Favourite have positioned Mosh perfectly in both the industry and the mental health conversation. 

This was achieved through the balance of typography and illustration, taking inspiration for the former from editorial mastheads, accomplished on a printing press, providing a sense of integrity but also giving the impression that there was a person behind its production. The simplicity and attention paid to this helps the resulting brand stand out when applied across products and packaging, in competition with a wealth of maximal and cluttered aesthetics in the health marketplace. 

Whilst playing off the utilitarian and sturdy groundwork of typefaces ITC Clearface and Maison Neue, the identity plays with the candid and sensitive illustrations of Mark Long. Known for his relatable work in international editorials such as The New York Times, The Guardian and The New Yorker, Long was commissioned to create a series of witty tableaus to help convey some of the issues around men’s mental health and the support systems in place to help. 

By providing injections of narrative and storytelling into the typographically reserved identity, Long’s work helps to further ground Mosh and the issues they are concerned by, leading to a personable and engaging tone of voice. “His intelligent, witty, and approachable style has a way of creating comfort on topics that are sometimes difficult to tackle,” Universal Favourite tell us, adding that “this made him the perfect choice for Mosh.” Aiming to create a brand that “could remove the stigmas associated with men’s health,” Universal Favourite explain how Long helped successfully achieve this “and do it in a way that might even make you smile.”

Illustration: Mark Long
Typefaces: ITC Clearface by ITC / Maison Neue by Milieu Grotesque

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