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Untitled by Klim Type Foundry

Untitled Sans and Serif are a pair of intentionally plain typefaces by New Zealand-based type foundry Klim. They are related not by skeleton or aesthetic connection, but by concept.

Untitled Sans is a neogrotesk sans serif, validated by the ideas of Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa’s book Super Normal, which embraces ordinary, everyday objects. It started as a plain version of Klim’s National typeface, after it was found to be too expressive. Untitled Sans is designed to be so plain that it can work on a spreadsheet, a laminated shop sign or an identity for a film festival. There are no twists, contemporary tricks or overt historical references.

Untitled Serif is inspired by the old-style genre of serif typefaces that includes Garamond and Imprint. Each design decision during its creation was made whilst reading – tested against the words of George Orwell’s 1984 until it became perfectly comfortable to read. Untitled Serif‘s proportions, contrast, weight range and serifs are as much as they need to be without being any more.

Untitled Sans and Serif are designed for the reader, not the graphic designer.

Untitled Sans
Untitled Serif

Trit by SPGD

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