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Vanessa Granda’s Super Normal Magazine celebrates the “inner magnificence” of the mundane

Super Normal is a limited edition print publication that celebrates beauty in the ordinary. Its creator, New York-based photographer Vanessa Granda, gravitates towards mundane objects in search of their “inner magnificence” and believes that “it’s easy to get lost in the brilliance of the high-end, the complicated and the luxurious”. As a whole, the project embraces its contributors’ perspectives and the relationships they have with different artefacts as well as each other.

Super Normal’s 150 page Issue 001 serves as a spotlight to the things that encompass our daily lives but don’t necessarily stand out such as morning rituals and the colour red. Contributors include fashion photographer Justin Bridges, illustrator Amber Vittoria and stylist Jessi Frederick.

The design was handled by London-based Dutch designer Tijl Schneider, who will continue to evolve it for each new issue. The aesthetic approach “compliments the mood and narrative of the photographers’ work”, he explains. Layouts are visually expressive, but never overpower the imagery thanks to the careful selection of two understated typefaces. Schneider reveals that “as the publication explores the hidden splendour in ordinary things, using Favorit (a straightforward grotesque with subtle oddities) and Life (a traditional serif with contemporary characteristics) seemed a suitable choice to highlight the concept”. The cover further emphasises the often-overlooked through an iridescent foil, appearing gold on first glance before showing luminous colour at various angles.

100% of June 2020’s sales were donated to organisations that uplift and celebrate Black communities in the creative industry.

Pages: 150
Size: 225mm × 290 mm
Typefaces: Favorit Pro by Dinamo / Life by Linotype
Photography: North East / Vanessa Granda


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