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Verdura by Glasfurd & Walker

Verdura is Vancouver’s destination for beautiful, restaurant quality salads, soups and grain bowls, each served with the passion and soul of the Mediterranean — where quality ingredients are at the heart of each perfectly executed dish.

Inspired by the founder’s trips to Italy, the space feels like a functioning greenhouse capable of producing beautiful produce yet nestled in the heart of the city. High ceilings, fresh flora, and a minimalist aesthetic creates a tranquil refuge from the busy streets outside. The identity, in turn, is also inspired by an old word conservatory and European aesthetic. Glasfurd & Walker developed a custom wordmark that was then expanded into a full typeface applied to packaging, unique and custom signage systems and stationery. The ID is paired with modern and minimal framing devices that reference the curves and details of a greenhouse.

Text: Glasfurd & Walker

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