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Violet Office’s identity for Tricot is inspired by the mantra ‘a classic sweater will always be in style’

Tricot makes long-lasting knitwear essentials, constructed from precious Italian yarns using ethical production methods; bringing colour, pattern and a little bit of heritage to an affordable price point. The brand was established in 2019 by former Laquintane designer Rémi de Laquintane and Genius co-founder Tom Lehman as a response to the oversaturated ‘basics’ market.

‘Great knitwear has a timeless quality – a classic sweater will always be in style’. This statement acted as the main inspiration for Violet Office, the New York-based studio behind Tricot’s visual identity. At the heart of what they produced is a logotype that balances calligraphic qualities with slab serifs, representing both the nostalgic and modern sides of the brand. The logotype is accompanied by pared-back sans serif typography, resulting in a timeless identity system that feels fitting for any generation or period of time.

Web development: Tom Lehman
Photography: Rémi de Laquintane

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