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Vrints-Kolsteren’s identity for iMAL reinforces the art centre’s position as an international pioneer

iMAL is an art centre for digital culture and technology, located in the centre of Brussels, Belgium. For over 20 years, they’ve supported artistic and creative practices in the digital world by hosting exhibitions, conferences and performances, as well as critical research and debates around the current and future challenges faced by our technology-driven society. As of 2020, iMAL have reinforced their position as an international pioneer by relocating to a new venue with a larger exhibition space, an expanded state-of-the-art ‘Fablab’ and a digital library. 

The relocation is accompanied by a new visual identity courtesy of Antwerp-based studio Vrints-Kolsteren. Their solution gives equal standing to each of iMAL’s departments by assigning a geometric symbol and colour to each one. The identity plays freely with these elements, using the shapes to inform both the grid system and the halftone image style. The flexibility of the system allows it to easily scale in its intensity, moving between multi-coloured clashes of image, text and shape to pared-back, single-colour arrangements.

Typeface: Gerstner-Programm by Forgotten Shapes

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