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Wayward Wines by Robot Food

Introducing Wayward Wines – a new concept from Robot Food that defies typical category cues and shuns industry snobbishness. No region, no year, no individual grape. Just beautifully blended wines in a spectrum of bold, distinctive flavours.

This is a category crying out for some much needed disruption. A trip down the wine aisle will find you lost in a sea of sameness, flooded with information that doesn’t mean a great deal (unless you’re the ‘cellar full of Gran Reserva’ type). Whether you simplify your decision by colour, price or how pleasing you find the logo to be, the fact remains that most wines feel inaccessible. They fail to communicate to a wider audience and final choice (more often than not) comes down to either habit or whim.

By drawing on lessons learned from the craft beer and spirit revolution and applying a bit of strategic challenger thinking, we created Wayward Wines. An expressive, accessible brand of wine, positioned to bring some relevance back to a stuffy category.

Text: Robot Food

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