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Wedge’s soulful identity for muesli brand Holos utilises the character of hand-drawn details

Canadian overnight muesli brand Holos has undergone a charming and liberating rebrand courtesy of Montreal-based creative studio Wedge, resulting in a playful strategy and identity that has crafted a new genre for it to sit within – one of ‘Mindful Nutrition’ – whilst repositioning overnight muesli as the organic superfood that it is. 

In a showcase of reimagination, the team at Wedge inherited existing symbols and logomarks from Holos’ previous brand – graphics that were slick, sharp, geometric and intrinsically mis-matched for the brand at hand. Unable to fully replace them, Wedge instead chose to re-invent them; opting for a hand-drawn, organic aesthetic that injects a much-needed human touch to the brand. “We went back to basics,” Sarah Di Domenico, VP Partner and Creative Director at Wedge explains, “using pencil and paper” to achieve as much. “Wedge Design Lead, Ariane Leblanc, encourages our team to draw!” Di Domenico adds, a process necessary in creating an authentic identity that embraces hand-drawn elements in the context of the hyper-digital, pixel-perfect world it inhibits. 

Mirroring this strive for authenticity is Wedge’s integration of symbols into the brand, including in both its printed and digital ephemera. “We decided the brand symbol could be integrated more meaningfully rather than ‘placed on’ the pack,” Di Domenico explains, giving the symbols “greater meaning and purpose” after distilling greater intention, contrast and colour to the symbols in their reinvention. “That brightness that comes from within you come alive, it amplified the product’s organic nature,” Di Domenico notes, “we love this as a reminder to the morning ritual breakfast gives,” she adds, suggesting the almost habitual and ceremonial function the symbols inhabit. 

Matching this human touch made obvious in the identity is Wedge’s choice of typeface – utilising GT Zirkon from Grilli Type, and the inherently soulful and characterful construction the typeface exudes. This is beautifully paired with a soothing concoction of colours that similarly capture a tone that is human, heartfelt and happy.

“We chose a palette that is only in the range of warm tones,” Justin Lortie, Founder and Design Director at Wedge recalls, “we recommended avoiding blues, greens, or colours that would not be palette satisfying,” he adds – having a comprehensive arsenal of colour combinations ready to go. “There are four products on shelf today and about 20 colour selections for future flavours in the brand guidelines,” Lortie adds, “it was important for our team to design for the future state of Holos.”

Typeface: GT Zirkon by Grilli Type

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