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Wieden+Kennedy reinterprets the iconic star symbol of Brazillian advertising festival, Clube de Criação

The Creative Club, better know as Clube de Criação in its native Brazil, was founded in 1975 by advertising professionals to highlight and empower design in Brazil. Annually, they celebrate the year’s best work through the 3-day Clube de Criação Festival and the Creation Yearbook. The organisation is the most important of its kind in Brazil and is recognised across the nation by its iconic star symbol.

For 2020 and beyond, the Club decided to expand and diversify its activities, commissioning Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo to help them communicate the change through a completely new visual identity. However, the agency decided the star was too much of an icon to throw away and, instead, decided to create a more contemporary, simple and versatile reinterpretation.

The resulting identity system revolves around a lighter version of the star that moves and adapts to the space it finds itself in, fluidly taking on a different number of points each time. Eduardo Lima, Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo’s Executive Creative Director, states “this new icon represents the cross-over of all the new attitudes, of all this plurality that the Creative Club is now embracing. Welcome to the next phase of the Creative Club.” Joanna Monteiro, President of Clube de Criação, adds, “the new identity evidences our greater goal: to be more than a festival, but an inclusive club with many activities throughout the year, for everyone who enjoys, works with and celebrates creativity”.

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