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Years Months Days develops a modern take on heritage for Australian luxury brand Oroton

Having been established in 1938 by Boyd Lane, Oroton impressively holds the position of being Australia’s oldest luxury fashion company. They began as an importer of high-end European textiles before quickly transitioning into design, which saw them revolutionise Australian fashion through the introduction of their now-iconic woven mesh fabrics.

Since taking the artistic helm in 2018, Creative Director Sophie Holt has reinvigorated Oroton’s rich heritage with a forward-thinking contemporary spirit, giving a new lease of life to the brand’s leather goods alongside full ready-to-wear collections. The new Oroton combines high-quality fabrics, thoughtful colours, supple leathers and innovative hardware to embody a fresh take on the ‘modern classic’.

Ahead of the brand’s ready-to-wear launch, Melbourne, Munich and Berlin-based design studio Years Months Days were commissioned to reimagine its visual identity from the ground up. Just like Holt’s work with the apparel itself, their solution aims to remember the past while defining a new path into the future.

At the core of the new identity are a flexible monogram and interweaving pattern inspired by Oroton’s famed mesh fabrics. They both adopt the ‘O’ from the new wordmark, which is set in a bespoke, evolved version of the brand’s previous mark, set in Eric Gill’s Perpetua. “Through strengthening the serifs and overall weight of the typeface, we created a mark that is confident across all print, digital and textile applications while honouring its heritage foundation”, details Years Months Days.

The almond and white colour palette was introduced with strength, modernity and simplicity in mind, and provides a contemporary take on aesthetics that have been synonymous with Oroton since its foundation. With thoughtful typography, colour, photography and pattern elegantly combining across a multitude of applications, Years Months Days’ visual identity for Oroton finds a sweet spot between heritage, relevance, strength and fluidity.

Typeface: Custom wordmark / Gellix by Displaay Type Foundry
Photography: Years Months Days / Simon Lekias / Victoria Zschommler

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