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ZAINA and Vacanza Studio task photographers to take them on holiday… whilst at home

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all moved inside and altered our spaces to accommodate business and pleasure. This unprecedented personal and social dynamic tickled the existing interests of Parisian graphic design practice ZAINA and Vacanza Studio, who as a result have collaborated to explore “where the intangible boundary between ‘work’ and ‘vacation’ is cleared in pursuit of a seamless creative approach”, ZAINA explains. “Having collaborated on a couple of digital projects in the past”, they add, “we both found ourselves in the process of establishing our design practices at the same time”. 

This has since resulted in their latest foray ‘Vacanza in casa’, a series of photographic postcards made collaboratively between not only the two studios but also professionals photographers across the globe, becoming a platform for these individuals to explore their art and design practices during the unstable state of planetary affairs. 

Although initially beginning their photographic research by looking to creatives in the areas with more strictly imposed lockdown, they have since widened their horizons as COVID-19 spread further and further. “We reached out to a selected group of photographers from Cape Town to Marrakech, Vancouver to Moscow”, ZAINA clarifies, providing them with the task of going on holiday from the comfort of their own homes. 

Exploring the explicit to the abstract and the delicate to the brash, these phenomenal photographs are paired with Swiss Typefaces’ SangBleu Versailles and Suisse Int’l – who gave the design community free access to the typeface in support of COVID-related initiatives. With potentially perfect typographic awareness, the information is beautifully set on the reverse of the postcard as an “echo to a summer holidays aesthetic”; influenced by classic clichéd holiday postcards that illustrate an angelic coastline, or a picturesque horizon. 

This sense of contrast and duality as seen between the expressive photography and the pristine typography is also expressed in Vacanza in casa’s illustrated sun – who’s bottom half depicts the COVID-19 virus itself. Appearing on the postcards as well as details on their enclosure, the sun symbol not only initially represents “the oddity of the situation where many were spending summer in lockdown at home due to the ubiquitous presence of a virus”, but also acts as a reminder. ZAINA explains to us that “the symbol also reminds us how interconnected and interdependent we are with each other and with nature”.

Typefaces: SangBleu Versailles and Suisse Int’l by Swiss Typefaces
Print: Grafiche Antiga
Paper: Iggesund / Cordenons
Photography: Kent Andreasen / Marco Argüello / Enric Badrinas / Céline Bodin / Jennifer Cheng / Volker Conradus / Kata Geibl / Cleo Goossens / Luca Grottoli / Nanna Heitmann / Olga de la Iglesia / Matthieu Litt / Clementine Passet / Robin Stein / Ismail Zaidy

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